About Us

DFC Capital Limited is an Investment Advisory and Corporate/Project Financing Company with Pan-African and  global  perspectives  in  transaction  management  and  execution.  DFC Capital is licensed by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission to provide investment and financial advisory services to a wide range of clients; including private sector, Government and quasi-government establishment. In furtherance of our growth and expansionist plans, we are currently seeking regulatory clearances to enhance the scope of our investment banking services”.


To be the foremost wealth /value creator for businesses in Africa addressing growth opportunities and building institutions through the provision of superior financial solutions.


Identifying opportunities that have enduring impact on the continent, creating sustainable solutions that are replicable, adding value to stakeholders by leveraging on top-notch talent, creativity and commitment in Africa.

Our Core Values

a. Integrity – We will always take the high road by maintaining the utmost ethical standards, and by honoring our commitments. We will be forthright and honest in all we do.
b. Teamwork – We believe that ‘team work makes the dream work’. Thus irrespective of cultural and racial diversities and backgrounds, we work as a team to meet our common corporate goals.
c. Responsibility – We each take ownership and personal responsibility for all that we do
d. Excellence – We will cultivate excellence by challenging ourselves to consistently delivering a legendary experience through our unrivaled service.
e. Innovation – We will seek to inspire a fun environment where innovation thrives, mentoring is essential, and our journey is celebrated. We innovate to anticipate our customers’ future requirements and the ever changing operating environment.
f. Client Centricity – We exist to take care of our customers’ financial needs. We believe that achieving complete client satisfaction through service excellence is the key to our success.